Goods in Hateco Logistics, are carefully stored in a general warehouse (Distribution Center) with modern equipments such as electric forklifts, oiled forklifts, drum pickers, vacuum cleaners, temperature measuring device,etc. Besides, the Distribution Center installs applies modern warehouse management software for goods management. The advantage features of the software are as below: To manage Location Pallet goods by Bar Code. To manage inbound and outbound inventories by 4 methods: First in first out FIFO, First expired first out FEFO, Lot/ batch Management, Production date management. As soon as there is a request to receive or deliver inventories, goods will be selected and packaged according to orders, according to the SKU, delivered on time at right place with the most reasonable cost.

Hateco Logistics provides services include: Split, Select and pack e-commerce goods according to orders and SKUs; distribute to retail stores; Cross-docking and transshipment services; Inventory control; Management of return and exchange items; Special order handling, packaging and shipping, etc. ensure products delivered to customers on time, at right place, with the most reasonable cost.


Other services include:

  • To classify when receiving goods
  • To wrap stretching pallets
  • To label auxiliary stamps for imported goods
  • To label imported wine stamps

With the motto “Best quality with the best cost”. Hateco Logistics always wants to support customers to gain competitive advantages, focus resources for their core business.

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