We are one of the largest 3PLs in North Vietnam. Our strategic warehousing locations combined with best in class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions.

Warehousing services:

  • Inventory management and control
  • Order processing, inbound and outbound
  • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and quality control
  • Yard management
  • Vendor/carrier performance
  • Cross-docking / flow distribution
  • Static and dynamic replenishment
  • Load building
  • Kitting and value-added services




  • CFS warehouse system at Hateco Logistics was established and in operation since 2018 with 2 systems of warehouses for imported and exported goods with total area of 1000m²
  • Currently, Hateco Logistics CFS warehouse is a leader in consolidating services in Hanoi and North Eastern Industrial Zone of Ha Noi.
  • CFS warehouse is also a connection point, degrouped goods transported from China, Hong Kong by road through Vietnamese bordergate to Hateco Logistics hub for customs clearance and consolidation to Laos, Thailand, Myanmar.


  • CFS warehouse of Hateco Logistics is located in Sai Dong B Industrial Zone, adjacent to Highway B5 – has an advantageous location for concentration of imported, exported goods from Hateco warehouse to Hai Phong port, Cai Lan port, northern bordergates and vice versa.
  • CFS warehouse situated in Sai Dong B Industrial Zone, an area with a plethora of manufacturers, exporters, Customs office that expedites the customs clearance procedures of imported/exported goods. From CFS warehouse, goods can be easily distributed to the city with low cost.

Modern high-dock warehouse system totals 1,000m² with more than 800 pallets.

  • Equipped with advanced shelf system, forklift truck, lighting system, CCTV, fire safety system in accordance with international standards.
  • Goods are classified by area, controlled by modern software, used bar code system to ensure the accuracy of inbound/outbound goods.
  • Professional staffs use WMS software to update data, ensure accuracy in managing data.



  • Bonded warehouse and yards of 5000m² situates in Hateco Logistics Center. With years of experience in customs declaration and as an agency of customs, Hateco Logistics will provide the best support for bonded warehouse customers in customs clearance procedures by certified staffs. Our customs clearance staffs can handle all the work related to the customs declaration, helping customers save time and costs.
  • Hateco bonded warehouse is equipped with 7 floor VNA racking system, Wifi system with full coverage, automatic fire safety system, 24/24 surveillance camera system, international standard WMS software can connect EDI data system, which can extract data, customers can directly monitor the status of goods.


Bonded warehouse services are provided for the following types of goods:
• Export goods have been cleared waiting to export.
• Goods that have expired of temporary import must be re-exported.
• Goods must be re-exported commanded by state authority.
• Goods of foreign owners who have not signed sale contracts with Vietnamese enterprises.
• Goods imported by Vietnamese enterprises waiting to distribute in the domestic market and not subject to import tax.
• Goods from abroad transited, warehoused in Vietnam for export to third countries.


Hateco’s off airport terminal services enable our customers to reduce the customs procedure time and speed up flow of international goods. Our off-airport cargo terminal provides full services which include customs clearance for inbound & outbound shipment, security screening, cargo weighing and measurement, loading cargo into ULD containers.

Outbound cargo will be accepted, security screened, weighed and measured, completed with customs procedures, loaded unit ULD, sealed with lead seals of the customs at Hateco off-airport terminal and transported to airport using bonded truck. The cargo will be handed over to be transferred to the airplane after acceptance procedure is completed at the airport.

Inbound cargo will be handled in similar procedure after being unloaded from the airline at the cargo terminal. The cargo will be checked for security and integrity, gotten into bonded trucks, sealed by the Customs, and delivered directly to the Hateco off – airport cargo terminal, where cargo will be checked, unloaded from the ULD, completed customs procedures and delivered to designated destination upon client’s’ request.

Besides, we are also interested in domestic goods transported by air to any destinations within Vietnam. We provide services from acceptance for inbounds, weighing, security scanning and bill issuance for customers, all as a completed procedure at Hateco off-airport terminal – as we are an extended arm of the Airport.

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